YouTube Video — How to Make No Knead Easy Artisan Bread

“You need to have your own show!”

I giggle every time someone says this, because it seems so funny to me.  I love cooking, and never though of filming until mygirlfriend told me how much she loved my blog, but was too scared to try things because they seemed too hard.  YouTube to the rescue!  Now my girlfriend is gung ho and ready to take on more kitchen challenged just because she saw a friend doing it.

Isn’t that what Food Network is all about?  It’s about getting people inspired, getting them excited to be creative, and getting them to play with their food in a good and fun way.  Plus, getting your kiddos involved in making good things can only enhance their view of food, and your relationshp with them.  Mia and mommy decided to make our favorite Artisan bread.

So here we are, in our video debut.  Enjoy!

Click here to watch.


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While I used to spend my days climbing ladders, now you can find me crawling around with my beautiful baby girl Mia and our precious Pom, Mochi. I live each day to the fullest with my amazing husband who never fails to be the best part of my day...
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